Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 8 - 2017 in Photographs

Day 50
 The week began with still life studies in black and white. Then driving back through the Moreno Valley I sighted the elk beside Eagle Nest lake.

Day 51

I am not a wildlife photographer. I leave that to National Geographic and photographers willing to sit in blinds and wait. I am a landscape photographer who sees the wildlife as belonging to the landscape. I have taken lots of pictures of elk but these 400 were in such a beautiful place to be photographed. 

Day 52

Day 53

Day 54

Day 55

Day 56

Monday, February 19, 2018

Variations on a Theme - Creative Process Blog

Rose Bud

I was a film photographer. It was not until college and Photography 101 and 102 which had access to a darkroom that I understood I could have control of my image beyond how I framed the image in the view finder of my camera.

Digital photography and the photo editing programs on computers allowed freedom to shape your image. And it also raised digital imaging up to an art form. But I am also enthralled with digital photography because it doesn't cost money every click you make.  Snap away to your heart's content. I was drawn to the rose against the icy green house window. And I took maybe a dozen pictures of it. Ultimately I like horizontal more because of the light through the leaves and the drops of water I added while misting the plants. But the vertical has the reflection of the rose.

Such details like ice and water drops often show up better in black and white so that was an immediate option I entertained on my computer.

But I also like to try reduced saturation, as in the variation below. It gives the image an antique feel.

Plumera fronds

With this image a crop was necessary first. The zoom lens did not cut out everything I did not want in the photograph. The light through the arrangement of leaves reminded me of an abstract painting and so I tried a more extreme filter.

But the lines and detail look great in black and white too.

Then there is my Butterfly Amaryllis which bloomed again.
The Vertical image in color and then black and white and a radical crop.

Then the horizontal image in color and black and white.

Two flowers and fronds. And the variations you take can change the impact of the image.

Week Seven - 2018 in Photographs

Day 43
 Not dawn but the reflection of the setting sun on clouds to the east.  A variation of always look behind you in photography. The sunset was not that spectacular. 

Day 44
 I usually do not include pet photographs in my weekly roll of pictures but Thicke is one of my favorite subjects and sometimes he just rocks the role. On this day the sun cooperated with his pose.

Day 45
 Orchids are another favorite subject. They are such a great flower. But this photo also heralds a milestone for me. Not only can I make my orchids live beyond the blooms I bought them for but I have assisted them in blooming again. There are 23 buds on this flower spike. This is just bloom one. Stay tuned for the day the whole spray is in flower.

Day 46

I consider myself a landscape photographer but I also enjoy doing architectural and interior photographs. Day 46 is also a photograph of a reflection. I photo edited it to accent the interior which is the focus of the picture.

Day 47

I slipped a photograph of a texture in. But my favorite photo of the week was of this slice of moon in a predawn sky.

Day 48

Day 49
And the sundog in the snow was memorable.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Day With My Camera


The camera is a constant companion even if I am not going on a specific photographic event or trek. So I thought I might be nice to just highlight a portion of the photos I take in an ordinary day.

Dawn, of course, gets chronicled if there are clouds. And two photos taken just a minute or two apart can be quite different. Or if I am the lens toward the southeast or south.

Dawn a bit later

Later the camera came with me to feed some wild turkeys for a friend. I am usually rather unsatisfied with turkeys. Their feathers are designed to conceal them in the woods so they don't stand out except against snow. But I am always trying.

I am always interested in architectural details or pieces of decorative art. Chance still lifes if you will. Not all of them turn out. But you never know until you try. And the advantage of digital is you have not wasted film.

 In the dull months of winter green houses I take care of are a great escape. Bananas are a delight to photograph on so many levels. I think the patterns and shapes are more evident in the black and white. But the shades of green are hard to pass up.


And then there was this casual recording of the snow from the day before. Proof I can take one picture and set the camera down. Usually in the studio where I concentrate on drawing or painting.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week Six - 2018 in Photographs

Day 36

 Just before I came down with the cold from Hell I had a short course in registering people to vote in Raton, New Mexico. We were early and the weather was spring like so we walked around the neighborhood and found a place which seemed to abound in old cars. I had not brought the big camera. These are all taken with my Nikon Coolpix which lives in my purse.

Day 37
 While working as a background actor on the Longmire production in Las Vegas I came to the conclusion I needed a pocket camera. It is 16mp and fits in pocket or purse. I bought a little hard case for it when my sister and I went to the Nickelback concert. It protects it and also gives me space to put in ID and folding money. And as you can see with my photos of cars it does a decent job. My learning curve is to get used to the display as opposed to a view finder.

Day 38

Day 39
 The white vehicle was all finished and in the show room so I had to photograph it through the window which resulted in some interesting reflections and a selfie of me and my purse camera.

Day 40
 I have wrapped the week with flowers in my studio.

Day 41

Day 42

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week Four - 2018 in Photographs

Day 22

A local photographer friend of mine said he hated this weather. I totally understand. As a landscape photographer it is too much the same day in and day out. Even the clouds, if there are any, are boring. That said I was lucky to score this rather awesome sunrise just before our surprise snow storm. But when you are used to awesome dawns rather routinely it just makes you realize what your are missing.

Day 23

But my promise is to take my camera with me even through familiar territory just in case. Dentist appointment was in Questa which has in recent month yielded some good photographic opportunities. Questa, a misspelling of Cuesta which means the lowering, sits on the edge of a volcanic caldera. The volcanic activity was primary ash making the soil unstable and resulting in some interesting slips of mountains.

I lived in Questa for almost nine years and came to rather take the landscape for granted but as I was early and I had the camera I managed to capture some very interesting play of early light on this rugged peak. There are others I should photograph but often the traffic isn't very cooperative with pulling of the two lane road to Red River.

Day 24

Day 25

If mother nature isn't going to give me awesome snow covered peaks to capture I will just have to focus on something else like the reflections through a crystal bowl or the shadows of trees on the frozen lake. I love the picnic table on the right.

Day 26

The frozen Eagle Rock Lake also provided interesting ice patterns with the sinking rocks provided by the locals probably as bored as I was. Can't ice skate on the lake because the ice is not solid enough and also cannot fish.

The lake made some very interesting sounds as the water beneath the softening ice moved and groaned. And as shown in the last photograph probably cracked and refroze. The rocks created interesting still life images and they sunk into the ice.

Day 27

Day 28

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week Three - 2018 in Photographs

Day 15

It has been a gray winter. The snow we have gotten has been an inch or two at a time and then soon gone. It has never been enough to cover (or water) the grass. It is so dry the ground is cracking. When we get just dusting of snow I go out hopefully with my camera seeking something memorable to record. Processing in black and white is one way to make it look less like fall.

Day 16
 Snow would cover the backyard junk yards. But there is something sculptural about a dusting of snow. I take detail photos basically to use as reference for paintings and drawings. I particularly like the way the photo of Ponderosa Pine needles with snow looks. I will probably use it for my note cards.

Day 17

Day 18
The tree on the hill across the road

Day 19
A bird in the tree across the road

Day 20
What it looks like after the snow melts

And I am particularly fond of the neighbor's repurposing of an old snow tire as a marker for his drive way and a perch for a Blue Bird house. When I begin to get bored with the landscapes I find interesting details to focus on.

Day 21