Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 11 - 2017 in Photographs

Day 71
First let me apologize. I am not always the most creative as this week has shown. My first excuse is I was busy culling and having printed nine photographs for various exhibits. And two: It was spring break. Too many people. Everywhere. Three of this week's photos were taken from my deck, one from a trip up the mountain to my printer, two from a trip to the thrift store in Eagle Nest, and one from the week before.

It was a good thing there were sunrises. 

Day 72

Day 73

Day 74

Day 75

Day 76

Day 77

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week Ten - 2017 in Photographs

Day 64

As I believe I said in Week Nine's blog I am into trees. In fact I had printed several tree photographs recently. Some on canvas which will be stretched and some on paper to be matted and framed. Five of the latter will be entered into a photographic competition under the Digital Medium - Realism category. That is a bit of a change up for me. I more often enter in the Altered or Enhanced division. The five will be In the Memory of Trees 1 thru 5. With Day 64 and Day 67 two of those five. All are in black and white. Also very unusual for me. But trees in winter just seem to belong in black and white.

Day 65

Not in black and white and not really trees but bushes. I loved the almost liquid quality of the shadows over the snow in this photograph. Debated printing it on canvas but too many photographs and too little money just now. After two years my attached apartment is going to be up for rent again and there are some things I want to do in the line of improvements in it. Time and money as Dad always said.

Day 66

I think Day 66 would make a great shower curtain for a bachelor apartment. Won't fit into my color scheme.

Day 67

Day 68

And I suppose old fences are about trees. Their sacrifice to fence a pasture in the days before metal posts. Day 69 in a tree in the middle of the pasture beyond this fence. It and the tree in Day 70. Both are dead but remain standing. Monuments to the trees which once grew from the stumps.

Day 70

Day 70

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Week Nine - 2017 in Photographs

Day 59

Thought I would begin with not the first photo of the week's post but the brightest. BTW no extreme post processing on this one. The halo was around the rising sun behind the mountain. It is why I took the picture.

Beyond this photograph I remain in a rather somber mood. Blame it on the last days of winter or the political situation.  Or just the artistic temperament. Interested in finding out of this new mood in photography will effect my painting.

Day 57

Day 58

Day 60

Day 61

Day 62

Out of every week of photographs there is a favorite. And Day 62 is it. It may actually also be my favorite photograph of February. I would love to print this one up for an approaching photography show.

Day 63

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week Eight - 2017 in Photographs

Day 50
 This week is about mountains. Even the two pictures of trunks of trees are about mountains. About my mountains. Those which surround where I live. They are on national forest land surrounded by ranches and homes of people who love looking at those mountains. And the air is so clear and clean the view is almost always fantastic. The skies so blue and free of clouds mostly I seek out the cloudy days to record. It is sort of the visual equivalent of man bites dog of which Mark Twain wrote.

Day 51

Day 52
 And that explanation also explains the tree trunks below. I remember key lines from Mark Twain but also sentences from books on photography or art. I have that sort of brain. And this one photography book (I never remember the titles) said you did not have to have the top and bottom of a tree in a photograph. And in fact that could be limiting. So I give you must the bottoms in the next two photographs.

Day 53

Day 54
And except for the very last photograph I have decided it applies to mountains too. Do you need more than just the tops to have it be a photograph of a mountain?

Day 55

Day 56
And so I see this photograph as not so much a photograph of a mountain range as a portrait of a ranch at its base.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week Seven - 2017 in Photographs

Day 43
 This week begins and ends with a sunrise. And then luck and location gave me the opportunity to photograph some wildlife in the area. Deer seem more prevalent then elk currently. The elk are probably still up above me because it has been a warm winter. They should be down in May to calve.

Day 44
 With the warmer weather I decided to photograph the melting snow on the mountains and the hill sides.

Day 45
 And then I decided to try a black and white version of my favorite mountain range. The textures show up better in the black and white I believe.

Day 46

Day 47
 I usually go for beauty over cute but I could not resist these three fawns from this last spring.

Day 48

Day 49

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week Six - 2017 in Photographs

Day 36
 Confession. I have no photo to post for day 43. I have had issues with getting out there with the camera. And today, since it didn't snow as promised, I may do still life photography as I clean up the flat surfaces in the studio. My attention is definitely divided. But I try to remember to take out the camera and snap something.

Day 37
 Fortunately flowers bloom around me. And the sun shines and casts shadows across the snow.

Day 38

Day 39
 And there are still the subjects I am trying to get just the right composition on. This one gets very close.

Day 40
 And then there are the "assignments" I get like taking a great photo of a house guest.

Day 41
 And then there is playing around with the photos which didn't quite work as they came off the camera. And I confess I have two uploads on the computer I have not post processed. But I did take the photos. It is like leaving a half exposed roll of film in the camera. Yes, I am that old.

Day 42

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week Five - 2017 in Photographs

Day 29

A friend of mine posted on social media that she was wandering around lost again and I totally understood what she meant by that. Me too. And that really showed up today as I searched for a Day 36 photo to post on Binford-Bell Studio. The folder for the coming week was empty. A quick perusal of my uploaded photo files shows I have fallen really behind on post processing. As much as I would like to believe my art is a stabilizing influence in my life there are times the chaos in the world destabilizes that.

And when the Thursday morning massacre occurred in my little world chaos reigned supreme. It is sad when politics make it unsafe for artists. That said let me apologize for the scattered nature of this week's offerings. And I am not really sure next week will be better. I have to reorder a lot of my life because of Thursday. I was deeply involved with the arts in my neighboring town and that will no longer be the case. Ultimately that will give me more time for art and photography. But I have to divest myself of a lot of groups I supported.

Day 30

Shakespeare said, "First thing we do is kill all the lawyers."

But if you want to make a society soulless first you suppress all the artists. Hilter took it one step further and stole all the art from every country he conquered. In our country you just take away all opportunities to display their art, cut all funding to the arts, and then denounce them as unnecessary. Hell, who needs photographers now that we have iphones? Next they take the internet. They already want to slow it down for all but corporations.

Okay, I will admit to being a bit overly dramatic about now. I have been trumped.

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35